April 04, 2009

Green Tea Face

How to Use Green Tea Face Wash

Always try to buy your green tea face wash from a reliable source. Trusted brand names are usually a safer bet. Try Wet and Wild’s or Aubrey Organics' Green Tea Face Wash, Kiss My Face’s Organic Face Wash with Green Tea.
If you have very sensitive skin, it is always best to perform a patch test on your skin when trying new products. Wet a small patch of skin on your forehead (if you wear bangs) or just in front of your ear. These areas will likely be less noticeable should you develop an allergic reaction to the products. Place a small amount of the green tea face wash on that area and gentle rub into the skin. Rinse thoroughly and allow 24 hours to pass to determine if an allergic reaction will occur.
To begin using the green tea face wash, wet your face with lukewarm water. Hot water is drying to the skin but warm water will open up pores for better cleansing.
If you use a face cloth to wash your face, dampen the face cloth and apply a small amount of the green tea face wash to the cloth. Use your hands to spread the cleanser in a large area on the cloth to better distribute it onto your face.
If you use your hands to wash your face apply a small amount in the palm of one hand and rub your hands together to evenly distribute the cleanser onto the palms of both hands.
Using either the face cloth or your hands, gently cleanse your skin, working in a circular motion. Start at the bottom of your face and work up to avoid dragging the skin down (gravity will do that well enough in time!).
Be sure to thoroughly, yet gently wash every inch of your face. Pay special attention to your hairline where makeup and hairspray can stick and cause clogged pores.
When cleansing around the delicate eye area, use a light patting motion instead of dragging your cloth or hands across the skin.
When cleansing is finished, rinse the cloth or your hands thoroughly to remove all soap residues. Now, starting at the bottom again, begin to rinse the cleanser from your skin. If using a cloth, simply gently wipe the face until all traces of the cleanser are gone. If using your hands splash water on the face until all the green tea face wash is removed.
Finish off your green tea face wash by turning the water to a slightly cool temperature and giving your face a final rinse. The cooler water will close and tighten your pores.
Dry your face by patting it with a clean face towel and apply a moisturizer specific to your skin type.

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