May 09, 2009

Green Tea Protects Heart

There has been said a lot about the health benefits of green tea. But scientists keep discovering new facts. For example, they recently found selenium in green tea, on of the most beneficial microelements. Selenium in a balanced combination with zinc, potassium and other elements and vitamins amazingly keeps us young and sexually active. It is especially healthy in tandem with tocopherol (vitamin E). Besides, selenium has antioxidant properties which strengthen heart muscle.

To look deeper into the health benefits of green tea, a team of highly competent scientists from University of California conducted many full-fledged experiments. They studied eating patterns and lifestyles of over than 200 000 people. They also examined about 4 000 patients who suffered heart attack. Overall results revealed an interesting fact: green tea is an excellent protection for the blood vessels of heart. Analyzed data showed those who drank, at least, three cups of green tea every day were 20% less likely to have heart attack.
Note: According to health experts, unique health benefits of green tea are explained by its selenium content and other natural antioxidants which are perfectly balanced.

The motherland of tea is China. Both the plant and its decoction were called there “Cha”, which meant “young leaf”. Green tea is made out of the same plant as black tea, but the raw materials are handled in different ways. The tea infusion should be transparent, yellow-green. All teas made by different producers differ in the infusion color ranging from quite bright to pale. It’s also necessary to remember, that exceed sugar in tea infusion destroys vitamin B1.

The healthy effect of green tea is due to polyphenols – vegetable substances working as antioxidants. They stimulate natural anti-oxidizing mechanisms of organism and reduce the activity of free radicals in the body, which destroy cells. Polyphenols cope with viruses, slow ageing processes. Scientists have proven, that the increase of antioxidants consumption help reduce cancer risk.

  • Medicinal antioxidant effects are ones of many health benefits of green tea. But that’s not half of it.
  • Green tea also reduces blood sugar and cholesterol level.
  • It helps in arteries treatment.
  • It reduces blood pressure, prevents thrombuses.
  • Green tea strengthens the immune system, prolongs life.

Two cups of green tea a day may gradually improve your health and dramatically reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. But note, that caffeine is contained not only in coffee, but also in green tea, this is why one shouldn’t drink too much of it.

Tea together with citrus plants are a good skin cancer prophylactic. It’s proven, that regular consumption of this drink reduces the risk of skin cancer by 70%. There are lots of people all over the world endeavoring to lose weight. One of the merits of green tea is that it really contributes to weight loss. Besides, one can drink it both cold and warm.

Lots of people looking to their health and beauty are trying to use only natural remedies for various diseases, allergies, chronic diseases. Green tea is one of the most popular products combining good taste with health benefits. Doctors and medical experts consider the benefits of green tea as a fact. Include green tea into your daily ration, and it will make your life longer, healthier and happier.

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