October 29, 2009

Find Out If a Green Tea and Prostate Cancer Treatment is Possible

Achieving a green tea and prostate cancer treatment would be a great breakthrough in providing a solution to a condition that had 186000 new cases in the United States in 2008. However, while this is a clear possibility in the future, it is still a work in progress at present.

Studies in the laboratory have shown that the active ingredients of green tea (mainly polyphenols and catechins) take part in reactions against the start, growth and spread of cancers. Thus green tea (GT) polyphenols can prevent the formation of the same type of carcinogens as found in tobacco.

They have also been found to inhibit the same type of toxic molecules found in some cooked fish and meats that damage DNA and have been associated with pancreatic, colon and breast cancers.

One of the major catechins found in GT known as EGCG shows a strong effect against mutations and DNA damage and also inhibits the enzymes that lead to tumor promotion. This EGCG has also been found to inhibit the growth of malignant cells and can induce the death of unwanted cells (a process known as apoptosis).

It would be fantastic if green tea and prostate cancer treatment were possible now. However what we currently have are hints that it could be possible in the future. Nevertheless it still makes sense to take GT for many of its other major benefits.

Some of these benefits include the so-called Asian Paradox where the populations of Asia and Japan have been found to have much less incidences of cancer and cardiovascular disease even though they consume large quantities of cigarettes. This has been attributed to their high consumption of GT.

One may take GT as a beverage and this is fine. However this can be inconvenient because of the need to brew and take in large volumes of fluid. On the other hand one can also take it as a health supplement which is simple and offers a dose that is known.

The best supplement option is to use multi-ingredient products that contain other nutrients besides GT. When taken together, all the components work synergistically together to maximize the effect. This is my own preferred approach and I have a product that I personally use. Obviously by using this type of product one does not need to clutter one's cupboard with a whole gamut of different supplements and it also saves on costs.

So although green tea and prostate cancer treatment may still be some years away, there is good reason to take advantage of the known benefits of green tea. If you are interested in knowing more especially about the multi-ingredient supplement that I have researched and now take, then please visit my website today.

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