October 03, 2009

Types of Green Chai Tea

Many different types of tea are consumed by people around the world. For centuries Europeans have been drinking tea and for millennia Asians have been drinking green tea. The main producers and exporters of green tea throughout the world include China, Argentina, Japan, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Tanzania. Green tea is available in many flavors, one of which is green chai tea.
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Many wonder what the fad about green chai tea is. Basically the original green tea from eastern countries has nothing to do with green chai tea. Western marketing firms created it in the 21st century. The word chai originated in the first place when the tea was different from the original green tea from India.
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Westernized Chai

In several languages “chai” means tea and started in the Indian language. Chimney, chai, masala chai, milk chai and several others are the most famous chais in India. India is actually the origin of the original green chai tea, where it was typically served at houses and chai stops all over the country without milk. The addition of honey and sugar can enhance this particular green chai tea. For inspiration many western companies probably looked to this tea and decided to commercialize green teas because of their popularity. Soon they were added to the roster of products sold in western countries like the United States.

Green chai tea is now famous everywhere in the western world and is an alternative to coffee for many people who want a healthy drink that will help keep them fit without have to go to the east. Single-serve and ready to drink tea lattes are the most common forms. Day by day the green chai tea industry is growing strong as time goes by. This is because people are becoming more concerned with their food intake and health. They find that green tea derivatives fit the bill since they burn their fat or cholesterol and help boost their energy levels.

Kashmir green chai tea, spicy tea latte, organic green chai tea are just a few of the various flavors that green chai tea comes in. They are very high in antioxidants just like the original teas and are extremely useful to the bodies immune systems. They can last for a long time since they are well packed so they are both economical to purchase and healthy.bugil bugil,bugil ngentot,bugil seksi,mandi bugil

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