November 22, 2009

How to Make Green Tea Easy

Before boiling a haul of green tea leaves, there are some things you should know first. The brewing process centers on precision. If you miss a few details, your tea won’t taste or smell pleasant. Of course, preparing tea is easy. You just have to get accustomed to its properties.

* GreenTea Use a Water Purifier - Tap water sometimes has a strange taste and smell, both of which can influence green tea’s flavor and aroma. Preserve the tea’s properties by running your water through a water purifier, ensuring that the liquid is tasteless and odorless.
* Boiling Water Mars the Flavor of Green Tea - Green tea, when soaked in boiling water, will burn, affecting its taste and aroma. The suggested brewing temperature is about 80C to 85C.
* Soak the Leaves in Your Cup for only 2.5 Minutes - The leaves, placed in the tea strainer, influences the flavor of water poured into your cup. You should only keep the strainer soaked for two to two and a half minutes, or else your tea will taste burnt.
* 5 Teaspoons of Green Tea Leaves per 1 Cup of Water

Take note of these reminders, especially if it’s your first time to brew tea. You can write them down, so you won’t make mistakes.

Materials Used:
  • 5 ml tea leaves
  • water
  • tea strainer
  • pot
  • oven
  • coffee cup
  1. Place the leaves in the tea strainer.
  2. Fill a pot with water then heat it to 80 to 85C. See to it that the water does not boil, since it will ruin the beverage’s flavor.
  3. Set the strainer on the coffee cup.
  4. Pour the hot water in the strainer, which in turn, drops flavored water into the cup.
  5. Keep the tea leaves soaked for two to two and a half minutes to extract more flavor from the leaves.
  6. Remove the strainer. Serve or enjoy your drink.
The strained tea leaves can be used for another serving. Preserve its flavor by soaking the strainer immediately in cold water right after. You’ll get nearly as much flavor as the first serving for your next cup.

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