December 15, 2009

The Good Thing Green Tea Made With Bamboo Clothing

Going planet green around, I get confious about how green tea made with bamboo clothing. Both of them which green tea made with bamboo clothing were environment originally. That's good news when people busy about how to going planet green. Which one good?

What is Green Tea and how is it made ?

The tea is a product of a plant known as C. sinensis, a native of Southeast Asia. The tea brewed from the dried leaves of this plant has been drunk in China since perhaps the 28th century BC. It was first brought to Europe by the Dutch in the early 17th century AD.
Leaf buds and young leaves are u
sed in making tea, the age of the leaves determining the taste and name of the particular commercial variety. After picking, the leaves either are dried immediately and completely to produce green teas, or are partially dried and then allowed to ferment to produce various kinds of black teas. After being sorted, all grades of tea are packed in foil-lined chests to prevent the absorption of unpleasant odors or the loss of aroma during shipment. In China, tea is sometimes allowed to absorb the scent from various flowers particularly Jasmine.

Tea is an aromatic stimulant, containing various polyphenols, essential oils, and caffeine. The concentration of caffeine in tea ranges from 2.5 to 4.5 percent, in contrast to an average concentration of about 1.5 percent in coffee.

Green Tea, is abundantly grown in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas. This belt grows the best teas in the world.

Scientists from Japan Cancer Institute have been successful in identifying a substance in Green Tea called Catechins or Polyphenols, which act as strong antioxidants. They are in a position to clinically establish the old adage that "tea is a miraculous medicine for the mantainance of health

Clothing made from bamboo?

At first it's hard to picture... until you feel bamboo clothing for the first time. As soft as silk, and with a similar drape, organic bamboo fabric is perfect for clothing, towels and sheets.

Bamboo clothing is naturally antibacterial, and when produced organically is virtually allergen-free. A super absorbent fiber, bamboo wicks away moisture from the skin, making it one of the most comfortable fabrics around.

But bamboo clothing doesn't just feel great on your skin-- it's also a great choice for the environment. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources our planet has to offer; it's an extremely rapid grower, and it is grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides. And because bamboo forests are so dense, they produce up to 40% more oxygen than a typcial hardwood forest! Bamboo is also cruelty-free, so it's perfect for vegetarians or vegans in search of high quality, luxurious alternatives to clothing made from cashmere, silk or wool.

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