February 02, 2010

The Facts about Green Tea Fat Burners

Weight loss is a major concern for million of people around the world, but also staying healthy while reducing their overweightness. It is a well-known fact that a large number of products, medications and over-the-counter drugs can cause harsh side effects that you can avoid by taking a natural alternative.

One of the most renowned fat burners is made of Green Tea, an herb native to China, Japan and other Asian counties, also used as one of the ingredient in many diet supplements. There are many uses for Green Tea such as the fact that several people drink an infusion of leaves as a health tonic.

Green Tea Fat burners are prepared with dried leaves, which are not fermented to ensure minimal oxidation while this natural product is processed. Diet supplements also include Green Tea in their formulation, because it helps in weight loss, but also prevents free radical damage, that usually occurs from pollution and sun exposure.

Among the different fat burners from natural origin, only Green Tea is rich in polyphenols, vitamins C, E and 200 times more antioxidants than vitamins alone. Apart from aiding with weight loss, this tea soothes irritated skin and is an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent.

As a diet supplement, Green Tea is recommended as a high-energy source for weight loss. Recent studies have also found that a Green Tea leaf has more anti-carcinogens that any other tea. Many alternative medicine practitioners recommend trying both of two medicinal varieties: Kiln-roasted and steaming tea, which characteristically has a bitter taste.

Another benefit of Green Tea Fat Burners is the complementary protection to weight loss programs, since it was found that this herb prevents the absorption of fat from intestines, protecting the digestive system and preventing respiratory infections.

There are also many natural products for healthy skin, which main ingredient is Green Tea.

As an herbal extract, Green Tea Fat Burners of Chinese origin contains 50% of polyphenols, renowned antioxidants recommended to people who are following a weight loss diet.

Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recognize the health benefits of Green Tea, researchers have found numerous health benefits in Green Tea burners and diet supplements. Such benefits include prevention in degradation of cell membranes, anti-sclerosis and anti-arthritis properties, effective lowering of cholesterol, and useful to stop neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s.

Because this is an herbal treatment, it is safer that most chemical drugs and medications but make sure to visit your health care provider to help you determine the dosage that works for you in your weight loss treatment.

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  1. Green tea is a fantastic fat burner and it has many other important health benefits as you mentioned.

    But people must really understand that although green tea is able to accelerate the metabolism, allowing them to burn fat faster, it is also extremely important to practice exercise and have a balanced diet to achieve better results.


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