April 06, 2010

How to Infuse Green Tea

Have you been wondering how to properly infuse green tea? Green tea is a very healthy tea and should be consumed daily. Drink the highest quality organic green tea that you can afford. Sencha green tea is the best in the world. Steep it for three minutes and use the tea bag or infuser for up to four cups of tea

Things You'll Need:
  • Stainless steel infuser or tea ball.
  • Loose tea or green tea bags.
  1. Loose Green Tea

    Buy the highest quality loose green tea that you can afford. Sencha Green tea is the best qaulity green tea available on the market today. Sencha tea may be four times the price as traditional green tea, but it is also four times the quality and can make four times the amount of tea.

  2. Tea Infuser, Tea Ball or Tea Bag

    Buy a stainless steel tea infuser or tea ball for optimum tea. It is best to buy stainless steel because plasic and rubber can cause chemicals or smells to leach into your tea. Which can be possibly dangerous or just annoying.

    You can also purchase green tea in bags for ease of use. If you are using tea bags, they have the added benefit of keeping all of your tea in the bag. You will not find any loose leaves in your tea cup if you use tea bags.

  3. Hot Water

    Boil water in a stainless steel pot or teapot. It is important to cook in stainless steel to protect your food from the dangers of teflon or aluminum.

    For the best tasting cup of tea, bring your water to a full boil before pouring it over your tea ball, tea infuser or tea bag in your tea cup.

  4. Steep

    Steep your tea for three minutes. You can use your tea infuser, tea bag or tea ball for up to four cups of tea if you are using Green Sencha Tea. Other types of tea can only make one cup per tea bag.

  5. Cool Slightly

    Cool your green tea just slightly so that you can drink it without it burning your mouth.

    Drinking green tea has many health benefits. Green tea is packed with antioxidants that help protect your body from diseases such as cancer. Free radicals known to cause cancer are blocked by antioxidants.

    Drink at least five cups of green tea per day. Longevity doctors recommend that you drink at least ten cups per day to extend your life and keep your body healthy into your golden years.

Have"green tea" :)

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