April 09, 2010

What Is Green Tea Good For?

Green tea has been credited with helping everything from weight loss to cancer prevention. People who live in the eastern hemisphere of the world have known for some time green tea is good for killing bacteria. Green tea is also known to deter plaque and also food poisoning. New studies point to its ability to help to alleviate damage from "bad cholesterol" (LDL cholesterol). Bad cholesterol is a major indicator for heart disease. Another use we in the west are discovering that green tea is good for. Research has shown that compounds in it help reduce the amount of cholesterol absorbed by one's body. This Increases the amount of cholesterol excreted from the body. Studies have shown this is good for preventing so much cholesterol from being stored in the liver.

What else is green tea good for? It is a great source for powerful antioxidants. Green tea contains catechins. These are polyphenolic antioxidant plant metabolites. Theses catechins contain many times more antioxidants than what is found in vitamins E and C, as much as 25 to 100 times more. Free radicals are toxins found in our bodies. They cause disease, cause us to age, and generally shorten our life. It's good for fighting free radicals found in our bodies.

Why is green tea good for weight loss? Studies in Europe have shown that green tea tends to speed up oxidation of fat and raises one's metabolic rate. Evidence has also shown EGCG (polyphenols) contained in it assists in depressing leptin. This is a protein created by fats that play a significant part as to how the body will direct storage of fat through brain signals. It is not a miracle cure for weight loss. It is however a much better choice than high calorie soft drinks or coffee. "Green tea" is good for suppressing your appetite which will aid with weight loss. It also boosts the metabolic rate. It also helps regulate blood sugar.

Green tea is a great alternative for soft drinks. Not many weight loss supplements on the market today can benefit your overall health. It is good for so many aspects of one's heath besides just weight loss. It only makes sense to consume something safe and natural. Green tea is good for your health!

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