May 02, 2010

Will Citrus flavored Green Tea break up mucus?

Ok..i got sick just the other day, i had a really bad sore throat but then it cleared up. So now i only have mucus flooding my lungs and i can hardly breathe. And ive heard ppl say drink hot tea with lemon in it and the lemon will break up the mucus. Well we buy the store bought tea and i drink Green Tea with citrus falovor..which has lemon in it. So what im wondering is, if i drink the green tea with citrus in it alot, will the mucus lighten up/break up/dissolve?

Drinking hot tea with lemon in it works to break up mucus and helps heal the body. Tea - all kinds of natural tea, has antioxidants in it that help boost the body's own natural immune system. Processed, pre-made and pre-packaged store-bought tea does not. Citrus flavor is just that - flavor made from chemicals. It does not contain any actual lemon. Real lemons, because of the acid in it, breaks up fat and mucus in a person's body. When you drink lots of fluid, especially hot teas, you are inhaling the steam and warming your insides. Hot water breaks up congestion also.

you're asking if its okay to drink something loaded with sugar and unnecessary ingredients...and while i guess it couldn't hurt too much, i would suggest any of the following...(you could pick them up at various GNC-type stores, or drugstores)...

Bayberry(roots and bark)-clears congestion
Black Cohosh(rhizomes and roots)-reduces mucus production
Boneset(flower petals and leaves)-relieves congestion, loosens phlegm
Chickweed(various parts)- reduces mucus buildup in the lungs
Feverfew(bark, dried flowers, and leaves)-increases fluidity of lungs and bronchial tube mucus(helps you cough it up)
Horehound(flowers and leaves)-decreases thickness and increases fluidity of fluid in the lungs
Nettle(flowers, leaves, root)-an expectorant(helps you cough it up)

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