August 13, 2011

Excellent Green Tea Diet Methods

Excellent Green Tea Diet Methods

Going on a liquid diet where all you consume is green tea is not the way to create a green tea diet. Rather you can receive the benefits that go along with it by infusing your diet with green tea. Some of the benefits include increasing metabolic rates and fat burning ability, in addition it helps decrease free radicals in your body by providing antioxidants. You can brew hot teas, enjoy cold green tea beverages or use green tea diet supplements in order to effectively increase your green tea diet. The following are some examples for a green tea diet.

Brewing Tea
Brewing a hot cup of green tea with a tea bag and hot water is one of the most common ways to create a green tea diet. Instead of prepackaged tea bags some people prefer to use leaves. Without having loose leaves floating around in the water there are great ways to use fresh tea leaves. Some of these options include tea balls, mesh infusers, basket filters and tea socks. You can use honey, sugar or artificial sweeteners if you don't like the taste of green tea alone to add sweetness to your green tea diet.
Cold Tea Drinks
If you don't want to brew cups of green tea for your diet then you also have the option of allowing it to cool before pouring it over ice and having a nice light and refreshing drink that can be both delicious and healthy. On the market there are also a ton of different green tea drinks that you can purchase as gas stations, convenience stores and groceries. Specialty blended green tea smoothies and iced creations have been created by many chain coffee stores to help you stick with your green tea diet supplement .

Green Tea Diet Supplements
Today an assortment of dietary additives and many different kinds of multi-vitamins are ways to get the essence of green tea, the green tea extract. When introducing supplements to your diet there are several things to consider. First, when considering your specific green tea supplements you should have an understanding of the side effects. You should also look at the extra ingredients and monitor how much caffeine you ingest when taking the supplements.



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