November 01, 2011

The Benefits Of Green Tea

The Benefits Of Green Tea

Many benefits of green tea ,beside it can reduce more oxidant inside our body. First of all, the main benefit of green tea is reducing cancer.

Here some benefits of green tea :
  1. Antioxidant
    Green tea can reduce high free radical material which can avoid our blood take oxygen properly.
  1. Anti cancer
    ECGG where inside green tea can easily reduce cancer inside our body. 
  1. Antibody
Green tea can make blood clean from oxidant which come from outside our body (through nose when breathing like CO, CO2 ). Blood can make full resistance of virus or diseases if blood clean and properly deliver oxygen to our body.

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  1. Having a Chinese for a friend, I became interested with green tea. It helps me lose weight. From 80 kilo, I’m down to 60. Check out my blog for articles I’ve researched about the wonders of green tea. –Zoe-


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