July 07, 2013

Benefits of Green Tea For Diabetes

Fresh tea cup ...... for People with Diabetes.
Controlling sugar levels by sipping a cup of hot tea? of course
would be nice. The researchers believe it can be done, especially with the use of green tea.


A Danish research team is developing a treatment for type 2 diabetes with the help of green tea.
Researchers have recently just completed a clinical trial conducted on 23 patients with type 2 diabetes and are satisfied with the results obtained.


"The research subjects drank 750 ml of tea every day. the tea
seems to be different from other type 2 diabetes medications as at first
no visible affect the sugar content in the blood. However, after
four months of consuming tea, it appears increased tolerance
significant glucose, "said lead investigator of the Copenhagen


According to the researchers, the study also showed changes in the pattern
formation of fatty acids in patients who drink tea than in the group
who do not consume.


"In patients who drank tea, unsaturated fatty acid levels increased. case
it is very good because it makes it easier to penetrate the cell membrane so that
body cells can absorb more glucose in the blood, "he explained.


Previously, the team was also tested in mice benefits of tea
experiment. The results showed that after six weeks of use
treatment with green tea combined with a diet low
there is a change in the combination of fat and the amount of fat in the eye and
protection of the weak pancreas.

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