August 10, 2013

Healthy And Beautiful With Kombucha Mushroom Tea

Healthy And Beautiful With Kombucha Mushroom Teaby Ahmed Tsar Blenzinky

Before bed, take a capsule beauty Fitr. The next morning in the can instead of pretty, but grow pimples on his face. Panicking, he immediately consult a Beauty Advisor who gave the capsule yesterday. He complains why the effects are spotty. The adviser who got angry instead of replying, even smiling. He said, "Ma'am please do not get angry for now. Look, how the capsule had to be spotty in advance. Well, tomorrow morning the pimple will certainly be lost. Ya definitely have not read the manual that I include today huh? "Mubarak smiled shyly and nodded. Mubarak was finally home.
The next morning was also acne has disappeared from the face of Mubarak, but changed to tiny mushrooms growing black. Mubarak did not panic this time. Soon he was to the bathroom. According to the guidebook was reading, her face should be washed with warm water to mushroom with former acne fall instantly. True enough, the mushrooms disappear changed pretty face glowing. More beautiful and radiant than face-Fitr before taking the capsule beauty. Inquired have inquired, it turns out there is a secret on Mushroom. The fungus called Kombucha.
The above illustration only complains fiction that might happen in the future to get a beautiful face quickly. However, contrary to Kombucha Mushroom. This plant really nutritious for health and beauty. In fact, so many benefits contained, the famous Mushroom earned the nickname "1001 benefit". Presupposes 1001 on a collection of tales from Baghdad, amounting to one thousand plus this one. Well as well as Kombucha, a variety of benefits we can get from this fungus.
Origins Kombucha Mushroom Tea
Remember, Fungi "1001 benefit" called Kombucha is not Cambodia. Although the two names that are nearly identical, Kombucha mushroom is not from the country Cambodia. Kombucha own name if followed in his footsteps comes from two words, namely 'kombu' and 'cha'. 'Kombu' is the name of a doctor from Korea who lived in the 5th century AD. Meanwhile, the word 'cha' is derived from the Chinese means 'tea'. According to the story, in about 414 BC, a Japanese emperor who named Inkyo. One time the emperor had a chronic digestive disease. The cause is prolonged constipation. Then on the advice of the physician of ginseng country, the emperor herb tea consumed by the fungus fermented concoction physician. After taking it, the emperor's illness could be cured. On the physician services, the member name of the herb Emperor 'kombucha', which means herb tea from a physician named Kombu.
According to Wikipedia, mushroom tea originating from East Asia and spread to Germany via Russia around the turn of the 20th century. Healing of various diseases is increasingly being used in households in various countries in Asia. Therefore, this fermented mushroom has various names. Call it cajnyj kvas, heldenpilz, mandarin tea mashroom, fungus japonicum, tea kwass, olinka, Mogu, kargasok tea, zauberpilze, olga spring, super mushroom, or others. In Indonesia alone, more commonly referred to kombucha "mushroom depot" which means mushroom castle.
Overview How Making Kombucha Mushroom Tea
However, I get the benefit of this fungus should be processed first. Way of processing, this fungus is used as a medium for fermentation of the tea. Yes like a husband and wife pair of candidates, it should be paired with Kombucha tea drink in order to produce health (probiotics) or beauty potion. Familiar with Yogurt? Processing process very similar to making yogurt. Yoghurt clear if he made from the fermentation of milk that gets seeds Mushroom Yogurt, Kombucha tea while getting seed yeast fermentation of Kombucha. If it be the result of fermentation, the taste is similar to yogurt or fresh acids like carbonated apple juice.
Step-by-step creation of a health drink Kombucha mushroom tea is; (1). The first step must gather materials and equipment. For less material there are three kinds. Kombucha mushroom is used as a medium for yeast so fermentation tea (Kombucha Mushroom seeds are used as a source of yeast has been sold everywhere through the Internet. Costs less than Rp 60,000 to Rp 80,000 per piece or per jar). The second and third ingredients are 70 or 100 grams of granulated sugar with 1 liter of water. The last ingredient is black or green tea (or herbal tea also bsa) as much as two teaspoons. As for the device, to provide a place cooking pot with a jar of water. Do not forget to also provide a tool in the form of fabric jar covers, (2). Having prepared all the materials and tools, make drinks tea as usual. Miunuman green tea to green tea, as well as black tea.
Purpose of making tea as usual, yes as you make tea. Mix two teaspoons of tea as much as one liter of water into the already boiling. But this time without the sugar mixed in advance; (3). After settling for 15 minutes, strain the tea dregs or separate them with airn seduhannya and enter into the steeping water sugar as much as 10 percent of the steeping water. Then stirred; (4). Because the water is still warm steeping tea let it cool first, adjust the water temperature of the room where the tea is made. Do not let the temperature exceeds 25 degrees Celsius due to yeast Kombucha colony will die when put in hot water.
When the cooling process, of course, avoid steeping water from intruding animals Flies, Mosquitoes, and Ants or also do not let dust enter into it; (5). Now enter the new colony of yeast fungus Kombucha (also known by the acronym scoby / bacteries and symbiotic colony of yeasts) when steeping water was cold. The size is as much as 10% of the steeping water, the same as the size of sugar earlier. But before putting the yeast colonies, first steeping pour water into the jar made of glass. Close the jar tightly that already contains a mixture of yeast colonies and steeping water, cover with a cloth. Just like before, this handy cover to avoid any small animals or other dust particles into the jar; (6). Save steeping jar containing water mixed with the yeast, between eight to ten days. In this step, the process of fermentation occurs. Keep the jar in a cool, should not exceed a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius and storage temperature should not be less than 20 degrees Celsius.
Jars should not be exposed to sunlight, the jar should not be moved move (rocking) or always transferred during storage; And, (7). Reached after 10 days in storage, separate yeast colonies back to the Kombucha Mushroom Tea Kombucha water. Grab trick with clean hands and do not remove the colony. Yeast can be used again as a re-fermentation medium, but must be washed first with tap water or warm water. Well Kombucha tea is finished, pour into a bottle and seal tightly. To make it more palatable drink tea first let for approximately 5 days.
Meanwhile, to make Kombucha Mushroom yeast colonies steps procedure is the same as the process of making kombucha tea, but the jar can be used smaller. The newly formed layers of cellulose and steeping tea that has been used as a starter for the manufacture of fermented Kombucha tea drinks later.

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