September 09, 2013

What is the safe limit of drinking green tea?

Although often mentioned green tea has many health benefits, still, any excess is not good. So in fact, what the safe limit is a drink?

"One or two cups is enough," said Dr. Zuo Feng Zhang of UCLA, was quoted as saying FitSugar.

Meanwhile, experts from the University of Maryland Medical Center also suggest that two to three cups of green tea are powerful provide health benefits to the body.

However, drinking up to five cups of green tea a day has also been proven to reduce the risk of gastric cancer. Even if you want to lose weight, a study says that green tea can be taken up to seven cups a day.

Some other medical experts to convey that 10 cups of green tea is the limit that can be taken daily. But if someone is sensitive to caffeine and suffer from insomnia, this amount could be considered too much.

Green tea itself has benefits such as maximizing metabolism, prevent fever, to ward off certain types of cancer.

Unfortunately, green tea also have a negative impact if taken in excess, for example, lowers the body's ability to absorb folic acid - essential vitamin that prevents birth defects. So pregnant women or women who want to have children should be more careful when consuming green tea.

That is the safe limit of drinking green tea every day. Usually enjoy your own how many cups of green tea a day?

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