July 24, 2009

Fat of Kelly Clarkson ???

Are you kidding me? Kelly Clarkson is fat now? Well, Star is reporting that the 5′4″, 150-pound Clarkson is desperate to lose 25 pounds before her summer tour kicks off in mid-July and before the release of her eagerly anticipated album, My December.

“She’s feeling really down on herself,” a source close to Kelly says. “She feels pressure from her label, her handlers and her friends to lose weight.

She’s always moaning about how she can’t find a boyfriend, and she blames this dry spell on her weight.”

The source notes that Kelly might feel better about herself if she tackled her body the way she approaches her career: with consistent hard work. “Kelly is the ultimate yo-yo dieter,” says the insider, who adds that crash diets have never worked for the singer.

“Sometimes she’s in the studio for 14 hours, and the only food she eats is fast food – and potato chips and candy bars.”

Kelly gets energized by drinking soda “nonstop,” according to one source. “She can down eight cans of soda in one afternoon,” the friend says.

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