July 26, 2009

Ji-Lo Perfect Body ( Hot )

Lopez: "My body is not what it used to be"

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez has recently revealed that she doesn't like her stomac
h at all, because it's not perfectly flat.

Lopez, 36, declared her body doesn't look anymore like in her 20s, and she's having issues about it. But despite that, she loves it and she's happy she got good genes from her parents.

As she says: "I'm very lucky: I've got good genes, and I've been athle
tic my whole life. I'm ahead of the game - I'm more in shape than I would be if I didn't do what I did.
But it's tough, and I do have issues. My body is not what it used
to be; my stomach is not flat. People are like: 'Your stomach is flat!' But I'm like: 'It used to be really flat, like it was concave.'

"But I love all my body. I thank God for my body. It hasn't betrayed me.
I was never raised to be, like, pencil-thin. You know, we saw it in magazines, and everybody's like: 'Oh, that's the ideal.'

"But the women around me - my mother and my aunts and the people in our neighborhood - they were all fuller. They were normal woman and they were beautiful. So I didn't ever feel like I had to be anything but that, which was myself", Jenn
ifer explained her attitude.

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