October 27, 2011

Green Tea and Caffeine, Why?

Green Tea and Caffeine, Why?

Most of all, green tea and caffeine has relationship, even close relationship. Why ?. Because in green tea, there is caffeine. Although caffeine inside green tea is not in large number.

What is useful of caffeine?

Spirit in the morning
Caffeine can make somebody so fresh while after wake up drink some kind include caffeine like coffee or warm green tea.

Keeps blood flow
Beside in green tea has fat burner material like caffeine, it’s easy to absorb by body even flowing through blood that carry oxygen to the body. It can keep blood so pure and avoid foreign material like hard oxidant entering blood.

Keep mind bright or concentrate
Caffeine can stimulate certain hormone inside brain which can make someone concentrate more. Like a person who has sleepy to get to work, then he drink coffee then sleepy factor can be avoid for long time, right?.

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