October 23, 2011

How Much Caffeine In Green Tea ?

How Much Caffeine In Green Tea ?

Caffeine is also included in green tea. Beside, many useful contain material inside green tea. Some scientist measure that caffeine is small part of green tea contain. Even though another contain like ECGG which so powerful against cancer.
Beside, caffeine also has some benefit:

1.      Anti stress
Many people stress these days. Many jobs, hard money to get, and another live problem also environmental problem which effect people. Caffeine can reduce stress. That’s why many coffee people love to drink.

2.      Blood flowing impact
Caffeine can reduce barrier in blood vessel. This is why green tea also make money for weight loss company to make their product very powerful.

3.      Keep spirit
Caffeine can also increase your spirit. Anybody can feel it. Know why?. Cause caffeine has contain adrenaline catalyst. So when we wake up in the morning and get drink coffee ,that’s time, we got spirit to go to work , etc.:)

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