October 23, 2011

Green Tea Pregnancy Relationship

 Green Tea Pregnancy Relationship

What the relationship between green tea and pregnancy, or green tea pregnancy. Knowing this relationship can be viewed in how healthy benefit of green tea can effect pregnancy.

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Green tea effect for pregnancy

Green tea has high contained  antioxidant. This antioxidant is so powerful than the other medicine. Cause of this, green tea can avoid oxidant or carbondioxide harm the baby inside the body. Also make pregnant so strong and immunity from other disease from outside.

2.Cancer neutralize
Green tea has ECGG which so powerful against cancer. Baby very weak of this kind disease. So with green tea the harmful material which can emerge cancer can be reduce.
Also the mother health can strong enough to protect her baby till come when the baby ready to come out to the world.

3.Anti toxin
Green tea can also reduce toxin in large amount from our body.  Baby is very weak from mother toxin. With green tea it can be reduce even protect baby from toxin.

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