October 23, 2011

Is Green Tea Good For You ?

Is Green Tea Good For You ?

Everybody know green tea is the great plant in the world. From this plant, many cure, medicine has been made. Is green tea good for you ? for us ?. Knowing green tea is better from how high benefit it has.

Benefit green tea which is good for us :

1.Reduce oxidant
Green tea has high contained  antioxidant. This antioxidant is so powerful than the other medicine. Because of this function, many green tea lover love it, cause make body stronger against oxidant which very harmful these days.

2.Long live
It’s mean green tea can also make live long. Why?. Cause green tea can absorb oxidant!. In our blood oxygen can’t move if we absorb too many carbondioxide. Carbondioxide also make skin and other organ function low and get lower everyday. Green tea can avoid that which absorb carbondioxide inside the blood and waste the dangerous thing outside the body.

3.Cancer Neutralize
Green tea has ECGG which so powerful against cancer active material. That’s why many company use green tea to make their medicine, and sell it in expensive price.

4.Anti toxin
Like cancer, green tea can reduce toxin rapidly in our body. Many MLM company that selling product just from their member, use green tea contain to make their product so powerful.

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  1. Green tea is very good for all the people because it contain less amount of caffeine and also gives plenty of health benefits.


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