October 07, 2011

Home Acne Treatment

Home Acne Treatment How?
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Nowadays, acne treatment can do in home, which is called home acne treatment. Many people do it in some wrong way. Good steps then good result will be. Many people do in another person guide and get wrong.

So how to do home acne treatment in right manner ?

1. Gentle skin care can improve result
To clean acne, you need to do more than apply product.You need to be gentle your skin.Don't scrub your skin, don't use cleansing puff, washcloth, abrasive cleanser. These can irritate skin and lead to breakouts.
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2. Gentle skin care with mild cleanser
Dermatologist recommend washing acne-prone skin twice a day with mild cleanser soap and rinsing with warm water. Use your hands to gently apply the cleanser and rinse.

3. Always apply acne product to clean skin
After washing is the best time to apply acne product. If the product stings your skin, be sure to wait 10 to 15 minutes after washing before applying it. Stinging means your skin is irritated. Anything that irritates your skin often leads to breakout.home acne treatment
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  1. having acne treatment at home really save some money. thanks for the right tips.


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