November 17, 2011

Benefit Of Tea As Longer Living

Benefit Of Tea As Longer Living
Benefit of tea as extend live to human has been done in Norwegia. The study shown
that who drink tea in a cup a day minimum will reduce death risk significantly. Another
research with old human in Netherland shown death risk decrease just because drink tea


This thing has been proof by Chinese who has 100 years live. Chinese mention that green
tea (camelia sinensis) has been drunk since 2700 years BC at Shen Nung Dynasty ,but
noted in ancient dictionary at 350 years BC. Since 200 years BC in medicine plant book
of China mentioned which tea leaf can be used as toxic eliminator.

In Japan, drinking tea tradition was come from China during 6th century. After that, green
tea been known useful for health and be used sailor for long journey.

Tea component contain is antioxidant. From seven component , there are important
component (polyphenol type) from catechin group which powerful antioxidant :

1) epigallocatechin-3 gallat (EGCG),

2) epigallocatechin (EGC),

3) epicatechin-3 gallat (ECG).

EGCG is very powerful ,100 times vitamin C and 25 times vitamin E. Polyphenol is easy
mix in the water including flavonoid group which included in fruits, vegetables, coffee,
chocolate and grapes.

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