November 17, 2011

Information Of Tea

Information Of Tea

Many information of tea exposed after the breakthrouhg of healthy benefit of tea.
Actually information of tea about benefit is so many ,some of them unique and the most
important to human body.

Some benefits of tea are keep colesterol in standar amount, avoid cancer, and reduce high
pressure blood ,reduce stroke risk and many liver disease, etc

After that, bioflavonoid of tea can strengthen digestive system. Green tea has been known
contain epigallocatechin gallate. It was known to barrier from carcinogen material.

To get exclusive antioxidant from green tea, we can drink 2 ~ 3 cup a day (contain 240 ~
320 mg polyphenol).

The way to drink tea

1. Take one spoon green tea (10 gr), put into one litre boiled water, close tightly and
let 5 ~ 10 minutes then ready to drink.
2. Drink green tea 3 ~ 5 cup consistently a day (recommend)

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