November 27, 2011

Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

Benefits of drinking green tea is better than some any other drinking in the world. Maybe we has often heard many benefits of drinking green tea, but uniquely there are more benefits of green tea which little people know. Unique benefits of green tea is as below, may be these benefits never think before :

  1. Cleaning carpet
Spread green tea leaf on carpet. Let green tea leaf absorbed in 10 minutes, then vacum carpet area. Amaze with result J

  1. Smoothing wooden floor
Black tea can help smooth and give colour on hard wooden floor. Clean floor as usual, then scrub slowly water absorbed tea on the floor. Do not use too much water on wooden floor. Let tea dry itself.

  1. Cleaning mirror and window
Tea is very powerful to eliminate bad spot like our hand mark on at window and also make window shine. Rub moist tea pocket on glasses or spray tea water through spray bottle to clean it up.

  1. Cleaning spot in toilet
Many people said that cleaning toilet was difficult to do. Try put tea leaf into toilet during a couple of hours, then clean toilet with water. Then rub dirty base toilet.

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