November 27, 2011

Is Green Tea Good For You ?

Is Green Tea Good For You ?

Green tea has grown in popularity in recent years as a mild alternative to coffee and strong teas, as well as for its healing qualities. Traditional medicinal uses of green tea in India and China include drinking it as a stimulant and diuretic, to heal wounds, for heart health, as a digestion aid and for mental clarity.

In facts, our bodies produce free radicals---unstable molecules or oxidants---that "damage cell proteins and genetic material," making the body "vulnerable to cancer," refer to the National Cancer Institute.
Green tea's detoxifying properties have links to weight reduction and fat burning, and they can fight bacteria, liver disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis and inflammatory bowel disease.
Drink two to three cups of green tea per day for the recommended amount of polyphenols, or take 100 to 750 mg of green tea extract. Choose decaffeinated products if you prefer to avoid the buzz. It can make healthy for our body.

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