December 04, 2011

Green Tea As Detox

Green Tea As Detox

Green tea detox meaning that use green tea as detoxification process of human body. Is it alright? By the way, many benefit green tea which useful to us. But important material which very important content in green tea is epigallocatechin gallate. This content can reduce cancer growth in our body.

Beside epigallocatechin gallate there are two effect which powerful to avoid disease come into human body.
  1. Mouth deodorizer
Sulfur which emerge inside our mouth like methylmercaptan and som sulfida as result of protein dientangle by enzym and bacteria, it caused mouth smell (halitosis) after we eat. Green tea can reduce dramatically this halitosis effect.

  1. Antivirus
Virus come into human body through skin, sexual organ, breathing and digestion system. Virus which is contained DNA or RNA can grow using human cell. Green tea can influence bio-syntheses between virus with human protein cell. Catechin from green tea useful to avoid or cure any disturbances from virus, such as DNA patogen virus: adenovirus, herpes, pustular skin eruption also RNA virus: retrovirus (AIDS/HIV). Some of retrovirus and herpes also stimulating cancer.

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