December 04, 2011

19 Benefit Of Green Tea

19 Benefit Of  Green Tea

Many people say a lot of benefit of green tea, here I share some benefit of green tea which may be useful information for you as my reader, these benefit have been collected from many resources:

  1. Antioxidant
  2. Reduce risk cardiovascular and cholesterol
  3. Weight loss
  4. Avoid H.Pylori bacteria
  5. Protect kidney from uremic toxic
  6. Avoid teeth problem
  7. Mouth deodorizer
  8. Slow down eye lenses blur in catarac process
  9. Antivirus
  10. Chemoprevention (Chemical prevention)
  11. Protect skin from UV ray
  12. Protect lungs damage by tobacco
  13. Protect liver
  14. Protect pankreas
  15. Make esofagus safe and healthy
  16. Protect flank skin
  17. Avoid prostat tumor and breast tumor
  18. Protect memorizing skill
  19. Make younger

Result from research in America, Europe and Asia show that green tea useful to reduce cancer risk on skin, digestion system, lungs, prostat, breast and liver also catarac. As antioxidant, polyphenol inside tea protect blood and LDL cholesterol from free radical which can cause cardiovascular and stroke. Role of polyphenol in antibody has given antivirus characteristic and anti-microbe also uremic toxic which caused fail kidney.

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