December 04, 2011

What Is Green Tea Good For ?

What Is Green Tea Good For ?

When we hear the word “green tea” our thinking will be drink, cake or something which cure body. But from title “what is green tea good for” for this topic, I reveal 12 (twelve) what green tea good for at our daily job. Here they are:

  1. Cleaning carpet
Spread out used green tea on carpet. Let absorbed in 10 minutes, then vacum the carpet.

  1. Shining wooden floor
Clean floor as usual, then scrub tea which has been boiled in water slowly. Then let the tea dry itself, after that clean it up.

  1. Shining wooden furniture
Dip soft cloth in to tea which has been boiled to clean wooden furniture like table, chair ,and etc

  1. Cleaning mirror and window
Scrub tea pocket which has been damp on glasses

  1. Cleaning spot in toilet
Try put tea leaf into toilet in few hours, then clean toilet with water. After that scrub toilet with brush.

  1. Protect from UV ray
To restored burning skin from sun light, stick wet tea pocket at burning area.

  1. Relaxing tired eyes
Wet and warm tea pocket dan reduce swollen and pin at tired eyes area.

  1. Reducing bleeding gum
Try stick wet and colded tea pocket  at dent area. It can reduce bleeding and pain.

  1. Shining dry hair
Boiled tea dan be natural conditioner at dry hair. Clean hair with tasteless tea, and let hair dry for while. Then clean with water.

  1. Reduce acne
Try to clean face with green tea to reduce acne. Follow ancient way with cooling boiled tea one day, then use the water to clean face in the morning.

  1. Soften meat
Try to submerged hard meat into black tea water to make it soft meat.

  1. Help decorated plant grow
Spread used tea leaf around rose flower, then add fertilizer and water. Put some used tea pocket at pot base can help hold water at ground and add nutrition.

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