June 21, 2013

How to Eat Green Tea Right

Consume Consume Green Tea Green Tea Which  True Way  - Green tea is widely consumed by people who are on a diet or want to get healthy body. This is because the existing content in green tea is very beneficial for your body. But did you know how to consume green tea right? Here are some ways to consume green tea are true, such as:
One hour before and after mealsFor those of you who are new to the diet should drink tea before eating because by drinking green tea reduced hunger and manage weight. The most suitable time to drink green tea is one hour before eating or after eating the green tea you drink. Because of the caffeine content in green tea also are not coffee alone, if you have a habit of snacking in the afternoon, accompanied by then drink low-fat crackers. As for the morning is not advisable to drink green tea because of the morning, this is likely due to an empty stomach and it was not good.
Right way when drinking green teaWhen you are going to consume green tea brewed hot or cold should try drinking at no more than an hour, more than it's better to just throw it in his tea, and said to the effects of drinking green tea is very hot will cause throat cancer, and the tea is too long shelf will lose vitamin antioxidant, anti-bacterial and will also be lost, because the tea is too long in the store, will be fireworks grounds for bad bacteria, so that side effects can not drink immediately before the passing of the hour also healthier than drinking fresh in the right way .
Side effects of green teaConcentrated green tea contains caffeine and polyphenols are high, the ingredients in tea also has the side effect to the body, concentrated green tea with strong levels can cause digestion in your body, can cause high blood pressure and a heart pounding aqnda make trouble sleeping.
PortionsYou must already know excessive consumption will be side effects, avoid drinking more than 3 cups of tea a day, you should drink 3 cups of green tea a day enough. Because not only coffee contains caffeine but green tea also contains caffeine can be dangerous for you.
Try not to drink tea along with medicationsShould take the medicine with water instead of with green tea for whatever reason do not be in trying to avoid the side effects of the drug and the green tea.

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