August 02, 2013


OU TEA is black tea tampa magic remarkable chemicals (100% Natural)OU TEA very useful as an alternative treatment of various diseases.Want to be healthy consumption, "OU TEA"

What is Ou tea?

Ou tea is "black tea", which is a tea made from the leaves of Camelia chinensis choice, with the best fermentation process. Although there are lots of 'tea' made from various plants (later called herbal tea), but tea from tea leaves of Camellia chinensis is the first, original and totally tea.In addition, the fermentation process outea (Camelia chinensis), not just the tea leaves are crushed, but the chain of antioxidant molecules and various active substances in it are also cut and become more effective.That is why Ou tea can help the healing process almost all diseases if taken appropriately in the way proper tea consumption ou., While enjoying tea Ou tea, while improving the health (and healing for the sick).

What's the difference Ou tea with other teas?

Ou tea superior in terms of fermentation process than other tea types, namely: green tea (almost without fermentation), red tea (with a little fermented) and oolong tea (fermented normally allowed to happen by itself)., Ou tea also result not only destroyed the tea leaves , but the chain of antioxidant molecules and various active substances in it are also cut and become more effective. That is why Ou tea can help the healing process almost all diseases if taken properly.

Is Outea contain drugs or other additives?

No, Ou tea is pure black tea. 100% natural, without the addition of chemicals.

What diseases can be helped by drinking Ou tea?

Useful Ou tea almost all cases, such as uric acid, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, impotence, cysts, pain during menstruation, asthma, rheumatism, etc.. In terms of viral diseases and pathogenic microorganisms, antiviral and antibacterial Ou tea character will help the healing process. Ou tea also has anti-inflammatory properties, so it can help repair gingivitis, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, etc..

What secret is so powerful Outea?

In addition to containing a variety of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, Ou tea also have a lot of active substances that are useful for health as an antioxidant. All varieties of tea actually has similar content. So many say that green tea can cure cancer, but many have failed. A Japanese doctor, Prof. Dr.. Yukie Niwa make study why some patients can be cured with herbs while other patients with similar conditions do not recover (Free Radical Inviting Death, by Yukie Niwa MD, Ph.D case 122-127). The difference lies in the digestive system of the patient. In the case of patients whose digestive systems strong enough enzymes, herbal concoctions perfectly digested consumed, destroyed the active substances and active in the body so that the result is effective, he will recover. Other patients who are not cured because pencernaanya unfavorable.

So he tries to find a way to destroy the active ingredients in herbs outside the body, so that any consumption, although the patient weak digestion, these active substances can work with effectively. One method he used was fermented. That is why Ou tea so powerful. The most advanced fermentation process produces tea that active substances, especially antioxidants, destroyed in so short molecular chains more effectively in the body.

Why should Ou tea hangat2 ​​drink while still hot?

Ou tea is a tremendous source of antioxidants good to overcome damaging free radicals. In the body of free radicals cause chain reactions that damage like rust on metal. Antioxidants are the only way to overcome the "rust" caused by free radicals in the body. When Ou tea cools, more gases (including oxygen) are entered, partly as a result of anti-oxidants Ou tea it reacts with oxygen, so that the levels of antioxidantsdecreased. Heating it again will not help, because when reheated, the oxygen out of the liquid by bringing an antioxidant that has been reacted with

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