August 31, 2013

Hand massage 6 Hours, Ocha Tea Secrets Qualified

TEA Ocha was becoming known in Indonesia by Japanese restaurants are mushrooming. Not just tea, Ocha also contain elements of Japanese culture, ranging from planting procedure, process, up to the tea ceremony.

At the launch of Mirai Ocha at Four Season Hotel, Jakarta, some time ago, Okezone got knowledge about tea processing this packaging. Interestingly, there is a stage where Ocha tea should be massaged for six hours.

Massage leaf tea is one of the important final processing to produce Ocha. The purpose of the massage to give color, luster, flavor, and aroma best owned by Ocha.

For pemijatannya process, first of all necessary jontan table. special tables that are used to massage the tea leaves, the base consists of a thick layer of Japanese paper and placed in a wooden frame. Under heavy paper so that there is coal to be rather hot surface, and is used to dry the tea leaves when massaged.

In a single massage process, many tea leaves are 3 pounds or two handfuls of big fists. First, the tea leaves that have been steamed, put on jontan, then gently massaged and regular direction and given a bit of pressure.

Then, roll the tea leaves are divided into two separate parts. Each section rotated 180 degrees. This process is repeated continuously until you get the best Ocha tea.

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