August 31, 2013

Secrets Behind a Cup of Coffee and Tea

@ IRNewscom I Jakarta: Do NOT underestimate the tradition of drinking tea or coffee, in-Shelah Shelah your busy life, because a lot of benefits that are good for your health to consume two types of drinks.

What are the benefits, the following information is summarized from various cracked Irnews:

Tea also contains ingredients that can fight the cause of the infection.
Tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid that adds immunity against bacteria, including the bacteria that cause food poisoning them.

Meanwhile, the coffee is not many containing L-theanine, did not indicate the presence of anti-bacterial substances in it.

Black tea, green or oolong tea, each of which has potent anti bacteria levels are quite large.

In addition, it also has other health benefits, which helps the heart and reduces the risk of cancer.

Well, why did not immediately prepare a cup of tea right now?

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