September 12, 2013

Also Green Tea Can Be Hazardous to Body

Green tea has been associated with several health benefits , such as weight loss , healthy skin and remove toxins from the body . However, when consumed in excess , green tea can actually harm the body .
Green tea can cause constipation or diarrhea , vomiting , dizziness and even headache . Green tea has caffeine which can also cause sleeplessness , as reported Boldsky , Thursday ( 31/5/2012 ) .
So , if you want to lose weight by drinking green tea , follow the usage in a healthy way .
How and when to drink green tea ?
1 . Fresh green teaGreen tea is freshly prepared healthy and good for the body . You can eat them hot or cold but it sure is not stored for more than an hour .
If you store the tea for a long time , there will be loss of vitamins and antioxidants . Also , the reduced antibacterial properties over time . In fact , from the bacteria begin to emerge if left too long . So , make a fresh green tea can avoid the side effects on the body .
2 . Take 1 hour before mealsPeople who are dieting should prepare green tea before eating . This is because green tea is beneficial for weight loss and appetite control for a long time .
The ideal time to consume green tea is one hour before or after meals . So , if it is taken 1 hour before meals , tea can control hunger . Avoid drinking green tea in the morning , especially on an empty stomach .
3 . Do not drink green tea along with medicationsTo avoid the side effects of medicines and green tea , never eat simultaneously. The best way to consume drugs is with water or appropriate appointment prescribed by the doctor .
4 . Do not be too PKATHighly concentrated green tea has caffeine and polyphenols or stronger . The ingredients in green tea have side effects on the body . Strong green tea or concentrated can cause indigestion , insomnia and palpitations .
5 . Never more than three cupsAs mentioned earlier , excessive consumption of any side effects . Similarly , consuming more than 2-3 cups of green tea can harm your body . Because it contains caffeine , limit your intake of a maximum of 3 cups per day .

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