September 12, 2013

Suitable Lemon Tea and Water Toxins Powerful Laxative

The beginning of a new year is a moment to fix perlaku impacting into the future . Repair including food and beverage consumption .Bad habits often consume alcoholic beverages , caffeine , soda , and fatty foods , as well as instantaneous is not good for health . However, these habits can be replaced with a more healthy drinks . Even beverages can be used as a detox or eliminate toxins .Nutritionist Go Coco , Ross Currie , giving five drinks that can be used for detox and easily found all around us ." Keep the fluid level in the body is essential to help the body break away from toxins and stay hydrated , which helps brain function and helps to keep skin healthy , " Currie said , as quoted by Female First .

Five detox drinks which can be used are:

 1 .Tea. Green tea , peppermint , and ginger is the type that can be used as a detox . Because the tea has natural antioxidants that keep the body from free radicals , pollutants and aging . Green tea or green tea can increase metabolism , ginger tea and peppermint tea good for digestion and increase the absorption of food .

2 . Coconut water. Coconut water contains natural isotonic electrolyte funds . Thus the young coconut water is a great choice for rehydration . It is also packed with vitamins and minerals , which has twice the potassium content of bananas . So as to provide a natural energy , has low calories , and plays an important role in regulating heartbeat , insulin levels , and muscle development .

3 . Pineapple juice. Fresh pineapple juice or pineapple juice half after cooked contain many vitamins and enzymes that offer health benefits during detox . Because the content of bromelain from pineapple is a natural anti- inflammatory that can promote healthy digestion , helps the body break down protein , and thiamine ( vitamin B group ) that increase metabolism by converting carbohydrates into energy .

4 . Lemon water. Lemon is a source of citric acid , calcium , potassium , magnesium , and phosphorus . Drinking fresh lemon juice with water ( hot or cold ) will help detox that we do . In addition , freshly squeezed lemon water can help smooth digestion , stimulate the liver , and cleanse the blood stream . Currie advised to start the activity , we can take a cup of lemon juice and lemon water in the morning .

5 . Carrot juice. Fresh carrot juice contains vitamins A and C , low in calories , as well as a great carotene as an antioxidant . In addition , drinking carrot juice is a diuretic and can help reduce water retention .


  1. I have heard a lot about the benefits of green tea and green coffee in weight loss. But can somebody please tell me which one is more beneficial?


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